The ReDéco technical office collaborates with the designer to assimilate the project concept so that the executive development keeps the initial design philosophy unaltered. A specialised team analyses all construction details by directly managing the most complex prototypes. ReDéco carefully plans each executive phase, handling the coordination of the construction site, organising the work to optimize time and at the same time achieve the maximum quality.

The company, in the various actions, coordinates the effectiveness and correctness of all the foreseen processes, guaranteeing high quality standards from the choice of raw materials to the installation phases. ReDéco’s technicians are highly skilled and ensure an exclusive installation service during all stages of assembly. ReDéco ensures post-installation services for maintenance and any adjustments, again with highly specialised personnel.

3D design

Thanks to the best multimedia project design technologies we use, and the style of our designers, ReDéco is able to design and create the best compositions for indoor areas in a 3D environment, showing the customer in detail photo-realistic previews of what a house, a room, a piece of furniture and furnishing objects will look like, and afterwards giving life to those dreams.