Somaschini has
deep roots

It was 1942, but likely even earlier, when Carlo Somaschini founded his “furniture workshop”, created from what was then a room adjacent to the family home. Somaschini in Cabiate was born, a company synonymous with innovation and stylistic research.


Giuseppe e Luigi,
the sons

The sixties saw the entry of Carlo Somaschini’s sons, Giuseppe and Luigi, who made the company stronger in the production of furniture and accessories. They would be succeeded by their sons Veraldo and Carlo, who currently manage the company.


Proposal with
a classic taste

1989 saw the birth of various collections, defined by a classic taste, which allowed the company to establish itself even in new foreign markets.


ReDéco brand
is born

From the desire to create something innovative, along with the advent of two cousins, Carlo and Veraldo Somaschini, this new company was founded, joining Somaschini Giuseppe & Luigi: ReDéco. This defined a new way of interpreting classic Art Déco furniture with more contemporaneity, a line of extremely sophisticated furniture intended for a demanding public.


The custom-made
era begins

From precise requests, a production of customised furnishings comes to life that encompass all areas of the house at 360° – in parallel with the projects, ReDéco creates new contemporary kitchen solutions of great practicality and design.

Since then, the company has been the ideal full-service partner, from design to delivery with a single interlocutor.


Hanami collection,
a definite lifestyle

From the creativity that has always defined ReDéco, the extensive Hanami collection comes to life with an unmistakable taste of Art Déco. New shapes and new finishes to dictate fashion.

Hanami, innovative solutions and new materials is a combination of quality, thought, experience and planning.


Volume I
a new challenge

ReDéco sets off on an anthropological journey through design, where past and future, practicality and elegance, all come together and coexist.
The concept offers sofas and armchairs, chairs, tables, storage units and furniture for the sleeping area with spaces designed for contemporary living, in an exquisitely balanced elegance.


New markets

Strengthened by our past, we look with calm eyes towards the future with the aim of expanding “made in ReDéco” exports into new markets, certain that quality, in all its forms, is always recognized.