The choice of materials, together with the experience of the best master craftsmen, allows ReDéco to create unparalleled pieces, highlighting design and craftsmanship tradition. These furnishings can be defined as one-of-a-kind.

Knowing wood and its secrets

Those who have experience and a good knowledge of wood know its secrets and know how to work it. Without knowledge, it is difficult to create the right prototype of a model, nor can it be possible to perfectly turn the simple pieces of wood that will then become an exclusive part of the furniture. Because we shouldn’t forget that even today there are processes that only a person with their experience can do.

Our passion for leathers and fabrics

Leather, carefully selected by ReDéco, preserves the original and natural softness of the finest coats, guaranteeing unmatched beauty, durability and tactility.

Constant research, exclusivity and great quality are the elements that distinguish the fabrics selected by ReDéco – fabrics that respond to the demands of a constantly evolving market, combining beauty, practicality and creativity, as in the creation of exclusive quilting on our designs.

Exclusive metals and castings

Particular attention is paid to the processing of metals that can have different thicknesses, which can be curved and engraved, available in different polished and satin finishes.

For the casting of the exclusive handles and feet, a wooden prototype is created that exactly recreates the shape of the designed object, then a shell is made into which the molten brass is poured – this is how the rough “piece” is born, from which the mould imperfections are first removed with special brushes, and subsequently galvanized for the chosen finish.

Exclusive finishes for an exclusive design

ReDéco finishes are an essential value to make each product as unique and precious as a work of art. For ReDéco, Design is life, stylistic transgression and the desire to express one’s values through never banal processes, shapes and finishes. Design is the starting point of any project.

The mastery lies in the knowledge of the often hand-made finishes, in the intuition of how to solve what is only apparently impossible to achieve – but it is also a selection of the best, as well as what is new and truly useful.

Fascinating wood types, that are never the same


Knowing wood and its secrets also means loving and knowing the exclusive types, carefully selected by us and stored in the utmost order. In our collections we can find Palissandro santos, Eucalyptus, Ceresejra feather, as well as Plane Maillé Wood, Ebony Makassar, Sycomoro Frisè, Acero Frisè and Olmo.

Sophisticated finishes and unrivaled lacquerings

ReDéco specializes in glossy finishes as well as matt finishes. Today, the company offers the mother-of-pearl lacquer in high gloss, matt and soft touch finish and in different shades to make the product unique. Furthermore, it is experimenting with new finishes such as Brushed Crossed lacquer in three exclusive colours: Palladio, Bronze and Biotite. A manually-crafted cross satin processing with High Gloss effect. The company is able to satisfy the most demanding customers with other complementary and customized finishes.