WAY BACK IN 1942 …

The birth of the “furniture workshop”

It was 1942, but likely even before that, when Carlo Somaschini founded his “furniture workshop” from a space cut out of a room adjacent to the family home, a common thing at the time, and Somaschini di Cabiate came to be. The Company, which his sons, Giuseppe and Luigi, joined in the 1960’s, is now headed by the founder’s grandchildren, Veraldo and Carlo Somaschini.

2005 – THE BIRTH OF ReDéco

All thanks to intuition

Based on an intuition – but above all the desire to create something innovative – a new company was founded in 2005: ReDéco. This company, which works side by side with the Somaschini Giuseppe & Luigi Company, represents a new way of interpreting classic style through a more contemporary feel. This is an extremely sophisticated line of furnishings for a truly demanding clientele, a collection that embraces the home from every angle.