In 1942, Carlo Somaschini founded his “furniture workshop”, tucked into an area adjacent to the family home, as was the tradition at the time.
In Cabiate, right in the heart of the Brianza region, Somaschini was born, a company that in the 1960’s saw the entrance of his sons Giuseppe and Luigi, who were succeeded by their sons Veraldo and Carlo, who currently run the company, and are the tried and true creators and promoters of the elegant ReDéco collections.

Today, ReDéco works with unparalleled versatility and is able to face any kind of project, from adaptations and “customization” of standard products to the creation of all-around custom and made-to-measure projects.

The experience gained over the years with architectural studies allows ReDéco to offer itself as an ideal partner for the creation of projects and supply of interior architecture and design.
Based on the knowhow acquired over the years, the company proudly offers unparalleled versatility in a vast array of projects, from private residences to yachting, from hospitality to the world of luxury and leisure.